Willie Nelson gives us a peek of his soon to be released “God’s Problem Child” album.   “It Get’s Easier” is a soulful self reflecting ballad with lyrics that speak to any retired baby boomer.    Titles like “Old Timer”, “Still Not Dead” and “Your Memory Has A Mind Of It’s Own” reflect a storyteller with more than a few miles under his belt.  So it’s no suprise the albums release at the end of the month will be just in time for Willie’s 84th birthday.

Willie co-wrote several tracks on the album.  Cut #13 “He Won’t Ever Be Gone” sounds as if it was written by Wille, but the tribute to Merle Haggard was written by veteran songwriter Gary Nicholsoon on the day Merle passed.  Willie has just released a video for the song featuring that clips of Willie and Merle in the studio working on the “Django & Jimmie” album.  Buddy Cannon produced the project and wanted a west coast country guitar style like the Hagg’s on track.  Who better than Merle’s son Ben who did some vocal work as well.

See the video of Willie’s tribute to Merle Haggard.