Faith Hill’s former label is putting together a unique collection of cuts across her seven albums that she’s put out for them that were never released as singles.

Entitled Deep Tracks, the project highlights some songs that didn’t have a radio spotlight on them the first time they were released.
For every single about love that makes the airwaves and becomes a smash hit, Hill has had a deep collection of other songs that have stood the test of time and offer listeners not only insight into her life, but also something more universal that anyone who has felt the pangs and pleasure of love can relate to.
It’s been nearly ten years since we heard Faith Hill on a new album (save for a Greatest Hits and Christmas project) and her long-awaited album rumored to be called Illusion seems have to been shelved.

Faith Hill is honoring the wishes of her mother on her new album. She says the song “Come to Jesus” on her recently released “Deep Tracks” album is dedicated to her mom, who passed away on October 30th. She wrote on Facebook, “Mom often asked if I would ever get around to recording a gospel album. That’s all she wanted to hear me sing. I’m thankful that she was able to hear this song before she took a seat on the glory train.” Hill says the song is also very personal for her family because she recorded it during the last couple of weeks that Tug McGraw, Tim’s father, battled brain cancer. She says, “Tim played him my rough cut and Tug listened to it multiple times a day until his passing.”

Deep Tracks:
1. Better Days
2. Somebody Stand By Me
3. If I Should Fall Behind
4. Free
5. If This Is the End
6. Back to You
7. Unsaveable
8. If You Ask
9. You Stay With Me
10. Wish for You
11. Boy
12. Why
13. Come to Jesus