Reba McEntire is a country music legend and now she’s sharing some of what’s she’s picked up along the way with “MasterClass” With 56 million albums sold worldwide, 13 ACM Awards, seven CMA Awards and two Grammy Awards there’s a chance she has something to share.
In her first online class, Reba breaks down one of her greatest hits, “Fancy,” and shares what it takes to create a career in country music.
“I’m doing this MasterClass for anybody who is interested in getting into the music business, get some tips on my 40 years of experience being in the music business,” Reba says in the trailer (see below). “We’re going to be talking about how to sing, what to do when you’re onstage and how to pick out a song.”
“I love to learn from other people so working with MasterClass, being able to share some of the lessons I’ve been taught is exciting!” says Reba. “For the first time, I’m getting to offer up what I believe makes a killer song, my vocal techniques and some tidbits I’ve experienced throughout my career. Country music is relatable music. It’s all about how people live, day in and day out . . . it’s their life stories. I hope that my MasterClass encourages people along in their own adventure in music.”
To get Reba’s insight will set you back $90. Head to