The dashcam video of Randy Travis’ DWI arrest four-years ago must be made public. Travis was arrested in 2012 after wrecking his car near Tioga, Texas. Department of Public Safety troopers found him naked with a blood-alcohol level almost double the legal limit to drive. Travis was also accused of threatening the arresting officers, but that charge was dropped in exchange for his guilty plea to driving while intoxicated. Afterward, copies of the arrest video were requested under the Public Information Act. Travis objected, claiming his actions were involuntary and unknowing because he was “exhausted, intoxicated, sleep-deprived, medicated and suffering from a post-collision concussion.” A three-judge panel of the Texas Court of Appeals rejected the arguments yesterday and ordered the video to be released. Travis’ lawyer told the “American-Statesman,” he’ll ask the judges to reconsider, and if that’s unsuccessful, will take the case to the Texas Supreme Court.