Garth Brooks is getting closer than ever with his fans. He already gives them a glimpse of backstage before, during and after his concerts with a video series he calls “Opening Night Live.” Yesterday, Brooks announced the July 11th launch of “Inside Studio G.” Brooks says, “We’re going to take you inside what happened the weekend before. We’re gonna document Opening Night Live in every city, do little highlights, and then the things that happen on stage, off stage that happen. It’s the most fun.” He adds, “The thing I’m going to love most is getting ready to take you into the new album. Take you into songwriting sessions, take you into recording sessions, see places. You’re going to see the room where ‘The Dance’ was cut. You’re going to see the room we packed 15 people in to sing ‘Friends in Low Places,’ and you’re going to see the new album be created and you’re going to be part of it. Finally the people that make an artist an artist, get to come be with that artist and create. This is going to be good.”