Garth had shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Raleigh this past weekend as he continues his current tour. ¬†While Garth is on the road his current album project has slowed. ¬†Garth Brooks is asking his fans for patience as he explores writing again. He announced yesterday in a lengthy post on Facebook that he’s pushing back the release of his new album. Brooks explained, “I made the statement that when we came back on the road and into the studio, I was not confident in my own writing. It is a muscle, and if you don’t use it, you just can’t turn it back on again. It takes time.” He added, however, “I have been at it for over four months now, enjoying the challenge and enjoying the studio more because of it.” Brooks promises the wait will be worth it. He says the new album will be the most “Garth thing” he’s ever done.