Vince Gill is celebrating the release of his latest album, “My Last Bad Habit.” The country star held a free concert at the famed Ernest Tubb Record Shop in downtown Nashville on the same day the album was released. Over the course of his career, Gill has either sung or written songs on more than 500 albums.

Vince Gill has been touring with friends for years now. He says he worked with Lyle Lovett back in the 80s.   Vince Gill hit the road with Lyle Lovett on Wednesday in Montgomery, Alabama. The two have reunited for the “Songs and Stories” tour, revisiting the acoustic dates they did together last year. Gill says he enjoys Lovett’s sense of humor, and thinks the audience comes to see their banter just as much as their music. Gill just released his latest album, “Down to My Last Bad Habit,” and his debut single is “Take Me Down,” featuring Little Big Town.
Vince Gill is lucky to have worked with the labels that he has. The singer said he’s never felt the creative restrictions that he’s heard about form other performers. Rather, Gill says he found his relationship with record labels quite pleasant. He said the more he recorded, the more sure he became about each piece, and the label always allowed him room to grow. Gill is currently on a 13-city “Songs and Stories” tour with Lyle Lovett.