In a recent interview for the BBC Microsoft founder Bill Gates was asked what songs he’d want with him on an island.  An easy choice was Willie Nelson’s “Blue Skies”.   Gates says “My wife Melinda and I love Willie Nelson. So as a surprise gift for her, I had him show up the night before we got married. We were on a beach in Hawaii, and he kind of walked down the beach with his guitar, and I said, ‘Well, here he is, let’s have this guy sing some songs for us.’”

After some initial false starts, Bill and his future wife Melinda began dating, but neither thought it would end up in marriage. Work was the center of the businessman’s life until his 30s.

“Therefore I wasn’t going to get married or have kids. But I knew that eventually I wanted to, and she arrived at kind of the perfect time, and we fell in love.”

Family life meant a shift in priorities, he noted.

“You know, now we actually take quite a few vacations. I’m sure myself in my 20s would look at my schedule now and find it very wimpy indeed,” Gates said.