David and his brother Howard have been musicians almost as long as the two have been brothers. The siblings first achieved chart gold with their 1976 hit “Let Your Love Flow” and kept on going with tunes such as “If I said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me,” “Sugar Daddy,” “Redneck Girl,” “Old Hippie” and many others.
The Bellamy Brothers recently released 40 Years: The Album, featuring 20 classic hits and 20 new songs. Along with talking about the new release, topics covered in the Q&A include today’s country radio, current production techniques and the strangest act that ever opened for the group.
What do fans think of 40 Years: The Album?
It’s been received really well. We do a lot of the hits in our show and we also do a few of the new ones as well. … We’re pretty happy with the package overall. Having the classic hits and then coming out with the new stuff, I think it was a good idea. It doesn’t just rehash the hits.
Recording engineers as well as artists have complained that today’s production techniques result in recordings that sound louder yet too compressed. When reviewing past hits for the package, what do you think of the production techniques compared to today?
The stuff we cut in the ’70s and ’80s, I think it had a warmer sound. Now they compress everything down into MP3s. It depends on what files you use. MP3s are pretty bad. I usually compare them to the old cassettes. Cassettes didn’t sound too good, either. We work with the formats we have. Streaming and MP3s usually don’t sound too great.
What do you use for playback when listening to music for enjoyment?
I usually listen on my iPod. … I have one of the large ones. I forget how many gigs it has. I have maybe 10,000 songs on there. It runs the gamut from old country to old rock ’n’ roll to old R&B. There’s some modern stuff on there, a few things I like here and there. But mostly it’s just classic stuff I grew up on and really like.
How do you balance the setlist to present your new material but also perform enough hits to keep fans happy?
Our sets are made up mostly of hits and old hits. Our fans are pretty vocal and they’ll scream them out. We have a band, if somebody yells something out, we can play it. Once in a while we’ll be stumped, if [the songs] go way, way back. … Then we throw in a few of the new things, the ones that we think fit into the set. We chose the hits for our 40 years package, mainly on the popularity in our shows. Those are the ones we get most of our requests for.


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