Kenny Rogers is retiring from touring.  He announced on NBC’s “Today” last Friday that his upcoming 2016 World Tour will be his last.  He said, “I’ve done this long enough.  I really want to be there with my kids and my wife.  I don’t see enough of them.  And I have some things on my bucket list.”

Rogers also shared a personal message regarding the announcement via FACEBOOK, saying in part, “I’ve had an incredible career; more than I ever dreamed, and thanks to you guys who supported me all these years. I wanted you to hear it from me. Not many people get to see the end of the rainbow, and I think I have. I think I’ve had the beauty of this career, and the beauty of getting to know you guys daily out on the road, and watching you kids grow up with me. I’ve decided that my goal now is to stay home and help WANDA raise JUSTIN and JORDAN and be as much of an influence on them as my mother and father were on me, because that’s what parents are for. I love all of you, I love the way you’ve treated me. You’ve always been respectful, and I will miss you dearly.”