The childhood home of country music legend Merle Haggard was recently moved from its Oildale location to the Kern County Museum. The home is a converted boxcar that Haggard was born in back in 1937. The family learned of the boxcar from a fellow church member, who asked Merle’s Father, James Haggard, if he thought he could turn a surplus refrigerated train car she owned into a home.
“The walls were thick: cool in the summer and warm in winter,” Lillian Haggard Rea, the musician’s 93-year-old sister, recalled of the boxcar that their father, James Haggard, a carpenter with the Santa Fe railroad, converted by hand during the Depression. It was, she said, “just a wonderful home to live in.”
The house, which was still occupied, was covered under a tangle of vines. The campaign to “Save Hag’s Boxcar” is a recognition of the role of the house and the railroad in Mr. Haggard’s career, as well as a nod to the collective ingenuity of Depression-era craftsmen like his father.
Mr. Haggard was born in Bakersfield and grew up in Oildale, the tracks a formative experience of his youth. Mr. Haggard, who lives with his family 450 miles to the north, near Lake Shasta, thanked folks in attendence for their support.


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