Rebecca Stone was working her shift at Sonny’s Bar-B-Q in Marianna Florida last Thursday when she saw a familiar-looking stranger in tinted glasses sitting at the bar where customers with take-our orders typically wait for their food.  “ I saw a man that looked like Hank Williams Jr., but I wasn’t sure, and I never got up the nerve to say anything,” Stone said. “I stared at him, and he stared at me. We kept staring at each other off and on.”

Stone is a big fan of the country music star. She’s had his name and image listed in her Facebook likes for years. She and her boyfriend have a special connection with his music, too.  Although she couldn’t bring herself to approach him, she did eventually wander over to make small talk with the bartender. In their conversation, they talked about Stone wanting that Sunday off, because it was her birthday.   After a time, he got his food and left.

A few minutes later, a woman called the restaurant and talked to a staff member. She wanted to know the name of “the brunette who said it was her birthday.”
When she saw her boyfriend that night, she told him of her possible brush with the star they both admire. And from her description, Josh Harrell was sure she’d encountered Williams.

Stone did get her birthday off last Sunday. And when she got to work Monday, she had a thrilling birthday surprise waiting. It was a package from Hank Williams Jr. The box delivered by UPS had two Hank shirts and a hat, along with a hand-written birthday card that he’d signed.