Songwriter Sandy Mason Theoret, whose work was recorded by Crystal Gayle, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, John Prine, George Jones and more, passed away on April 1 due to complications from pancreatic cancer.
Ms. Mason was 71, and had moved from Nashville to Ormond Beach, Fla., shortly after her diagnosis. Crystal Gayle’s 1979 recording of Ms. Mason’s “When I Dream” would hit No. 3 on the country charts and cross to the adult contemporary charts as well.
Ms. Mason’s biggest hit, the boozy, breezy “Two Pina Coladas,” was co-written with Camp and Benita Hill. Garth Brooks recorded it for his album “Sevens” and it topped the charts in late 1997.
Camp explains that the idea for the song came about when the trio, who were trying and failing to come up with songs during a writing session, began joking about going to the beach and buying a drink for each hand.


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