The Kentucky Headhunters are releasing a new album of live-recorded songs featuring legendary blues pianist Johnnie Johnson.  Johnson is best known for his work with Chuck Berry.  He met up with the Kentucky Headhunters in 2003 to record some piano parts for the band’s “Soul” album that came out later that year.  The meeting turned in to a three-day writing and recording session, the results of which have been compiled into “Meet Me In Bluesland.”  It’ll be released on June 2nd.  Johnson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 and died in 2005.

Meet Me in Bluesland Track Listing:
1. “Stumblin'”
2. “Walking With the Wolf”
3. “Little Queenie”
4. “She’s Got to Have It”
5. “Party in Heaven”
6. “Meet Me in Bluesland”
7. “King Rooster”
8. “Shufflin’ Back to Memphis”
9. “Fast Train”
10. “Sometime”
11. “Superman Blues”