We’ve said that Aaron Tippin is the country legend in the best shape and the 56-year-old proved to Fox & Friends viewers, doing dips, squats and push-ups during his March 18 appearance on the Fox News show.   Aaron is touring to promote his new album, 25, which celebrates his 25 hitmaking years in country music.

“Aaron Tippin 25” features 25 songs in a two disc set.  The collection boasts a mix of new tracks and hits such as “Kiss This” and “You’ve Got to Stand for Something.”  The country star wrote many of the new tunes, while he puts his own spin on the Georgia Satellite’s “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” and Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.”  “Aaron Tippin 25” is available from his website.

Steve Doocy even asked if he was the country star in the best shape, and after a thoughtful moment, Aaron replied, “No, I’m the oldest one. Tim McGraw looks great.”