Wynonna Judd says she has a lot to be thankful for, despite her bus catching fire Wednesday night. The country star revealed on Twitter that the vehicle’s generator triggered the blaze, which she says could have been a lot worse. While she tweets that she’s “certainly not thankful” for the fire, she lists seven reasons why she is thankful. She says she’s grateful that she and her band weren’t actually on the road when the fire occurred, that everyone is “OK,” and that she had another bus to get her to her show in Pennsylvania Thursday night. The singer adds that she’s glad her driver was with the bus at the time, and could “out the fire” so all her road gear didn’t go up in smoke. Wy even speculates on a reason for the fire, saying, “This distraction is probably causing us to stop now so that we avoid something even worse that could have happened up the road.”
Wynonna is currently on her “Stories & Song” tour. From Pennsylvania she’ll head to New York for shows in Westbury on Friday and Verona on Saturday. She’ll perform in Annapolis, Maryland on Sunday.