The Statler Brothers’ Don Reid says their 1965 single “Flowers on the Wall” not only launched but saved their recording career.  The Country Music Hall of Famer tells “Billboard” it was the b-side to their third release under a three-single deal with Columbia Records.  He recalls that after their first two singles didn’t catch on, the group “got blessed” when a Kansas City DJ took their third single and “turned it over one day” to play “Flowers” instead.  Don says the song “just exploded,” and “all of a sudden” Statler Brothers had a Country-pop crossover hit.

Reid adds that stories about the song being “kind of psychedelic” aren’t true.  He says band member Lew DeWitt “had written it literally — there were flowers on the wallpaper.”  Don explains that it was about being “so bored that you were counting the flowers on the wall and playing cards with a deck of 51 that you know you can’t win with.”  Reid also says the group owes their recording career to Johnny Cash, who “opened a lot of doors” for them.  He admits Columbia only gave the Statlers that initial three-single deal at Johnny’s insistence.