Like any other home in Middle Tennessee, the Amy Grant and Vince Gill household has its share of holiday traditions. The spouses and Christian/country music stars often don’t finish their tours and return home until just before Christmas, which can lead to a flurry of last-minute preparations on Christmas Eve. To Gill it’s one of those moments where his wife really gets to shine.
“It’s fascinating to watch her just do the stockings for the kids,” he says. “I couldn’t solve one stocking in preparing for Christmas, and she gets five of them. And now we’ve got a new grandson, so he’s going to get a stocking, too.”
His primary duty is to cook a big breakfast on Christmas morning for the whole family, which now includes his first grandchild, Wyatt, who was born in August. “The birth of this first grandchild was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen and felt,” he says. “I didn’t realize what was in my heart, to love something so much. You know you love your kids, that’s a given. But you can’t believe how much you’re going to love those grandbabies.”
Christmas is the rare day in December where Grant and Gill won’t be singing seasonal songs and helping thousands of people get into the Christmas spirit.  Grant is certainly on top of her Christmas material this year. In addition to 12 shows with Gill at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, she’s playing a half-dozen more Christmas concerts around the country, both on her own and with fellow Christian music star Michael W. Smith. When she’s back at home at the Ryman with Gill, she’ll once again take the lead.
“This is where she shines,” Gill says. “In her own way, it really suits who she is. It suits her heart, suits her spirit. Everything that’s beautiful about her, really, gets to be extra special in one of these Christmas environments.”


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