Garth Brooks isn’t a fan of YouTube.  In an appearance Monday on “Access Hollywood” the country superstar called the video website “the devil.”  He admits his objections have to do with money, saying the site is run by “nice people.”  But the singer explains those at YouTube “claim they pay people” but artists are “getting millions and millions and millions of views and they don’t get squat.”  Brooks adds that it’s literally impossible for artists to remove themselves from the site.  He says he had “a sweet meeting with them,” and “they were all fired up.”  But Garth says his first question was “How do you get out?,” which was met with “silence” because “you don’t.”

Garth added that he applauds stars like Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean, who have recently removed music from Spotify over royalties.  He says he thinks they’re just the first of many artists who will and should follow suit.  Brooks explains that “when music starts standing up for itself, it’s going to get a lot better.”  He admits there are “some big friends” they “need to stand up to,” like iTunes.  But he says the performers and songwriters deserve proper compensation for their work, and they should have control over how their material is sold.

Story Note.   Bear radio pays over $30,000 a year to song writers through rights fees to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.