Country music legend Larry Gatlin has joined forces with several American companies to place a new emphasis on buying products made in the United States. The “American Legend” series is a collaboration of ‘Made in America’ businesses promoting a movement to buy American, bringing jobs and profits back to US soil. The program consists of a new line of high quality western jackets and dress jeans made in the United States and carrying the Larry Gatlin name. The “American Legend” series 2014 Holiday Collection, presented by Gatlin, the series’ first official legend, will debut in October of this year for the holiday season. View the Larry Gatlin Collection here.

The Sewell Companies, an American manufacturer of men’s and women’s clothing and uniforms for the United States military, has been producing tailored garments in the south for almost 100 years. Another manufacturing leader in the clothing business, Diamond Gusset, focuses on the strong American principles this country was founded on when choosing to manufacture their jeans in an American factory. Both of these companies have not been immune to the pressure US manufacturers felt to outsource their workforce overseas. On the contrary, these companies are standing up for American workers and have enlisted the support of one of country music’s legends.

“I’m honored to be a part of this series and I am proud of what it stands for,” says Gatlin. “Made in America,’ that’s where it’s at!”

The Sewell Companies, headquartered in Bremen, Georgia and operating a manufacturing facility in Heflin, Alabama, specializes in tailored garments for men and women and has taken a particular interest in the “Made in America” movement, a founding principle for the company that made the first suit in the South back in 1918.

Diamond Gusset, headquartered in Bon Aqua, TN, and utilizing a manufacturing facility in Blue Ridge, GA, specializes in high quality basic and fashion-forward denim wear. Founded 28 years ago, the company is proud to produce 100% American-made products. For the Larry Gatlin Collection, the company will be using the best ring-spun denim produced by American Cotton Growers, one of the few domestic mills left in the United States, and will be implementing state of the art finishes, including tinting and wet processing.

“At Diamond Gusset, we are proud to walk into our busy production facility, see smiling faces and know we are part of a solution for the problem our country is now facing,” David Hall, co- founder and CEO of Diamond Gusset Jeans. “We are keeping Americans where they should be – making for ourselves, doing for ourselves.”

The third partner of the American Legend movement is Randall Redding, owner of Mill Town Music Hall, West Georgia’s largest concert and entertainment venue. The venue is known for offering family-friendly concerts that span multiple music genres including country, contemporary Christian, southern rock, bluegrass and gospel.

Robin Worley, CEO of Sewell Companies, Hall, and Redding, chose Gatlin as the first role model of the “American Legend” series because they believe he represents the values the group is calling every American to follow. More information can be found on the program’s website at or by contacting American Legend USA at 678-378-8601.

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Larry Gatlin photo credit: Kayla Register