Kix Brooks is delving into a meaty subject.  He’s teamed up with the Cooking Channel for the new TV special “Steak Out With Kix Brooks.”  The country star tells “Billboard” that while he enjoys a good steak, his reasons for doing the show go beyond a casual interest.  He admits he’d like to eventually open his own steakhouse in his hometown, Shreveport, Louisiana, and he wants to do it right.  Kix says he knew he’d have to learn more about the business to launch such a venture, because he’d learned from other stars’ failures that name recognition and celebrity status is no guarantee of success as a restaurant owner.  The singer explains that he came up with the idea for the special as his way of doing his research.

For “Steak Out,” Brooks visits steakhouses in Chicago; Louisville, Kentucky; and Nashville; and compares the ways chefs in each city approach their restaurant’s specialty.  Kix adds that he got an education through the show.  “Steak Out With Kix Brooks” will debut on the Cooking Channel Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.