Glen Campbell’s new documentary, “I’ll Be Me,” has sparked a lawsuit. says the production and media company known as the Record Company is accusing the singer of breech of contract, claiming he violated the terms of an exclusive agreement to “develop, produce and exploit” the movie.  According to the lawsuit, the deal guarantees that the Record Company “will be attached for the life of the Project in all forms and media,” but Glen “collaborated with entities other than the Record Company.”  The lawsuit also states that Campbell, who formalized the deal a week after he went public with his Alzheimer’s diagnosis, inked signed the contract “by and through his authorized agent and manager of several years, Stanley Schneider.”

“I’ll Be Me” features Campbell and his family as he revealed he was battling Alzheimer’s, and wrapped up his career with a final, farewell tour.  The movie won an award at the Nashville Film Festival, where it had its world premiere back in April.  It’s slated to open in New York and Nashville on October 24th, and later receive a wider release.  The film’s soundtrack, which includes Glen’s final recording, will be released later this year.  A five-song soundtrack EP is available from iTunes now.