Tara Cash Schwoebel announced the publication of a book about Johnny Cash’s reflections of growing up in Dyess. The book is titled “Recollections by J.R. Cash: Childhood Memories of Johnny Cash” and was written in her dad’s handwriting. Schwoebel tells how the idea for the book came about.

“In 1995, I gave my father a book entitled ‘Dad, Share Your Life with Me’”, said Schwoebel. “ I gave him a copy which included questions about childhood, life and his love of music. The following year, he returned it to me on my birthday filled out with all of his boyhood memories of Dyess. I am able to share this book, written in his own hand, and I included photos to enrich his stories.”
Schwoebel, the youngest of Cash’s four daughters, says this diary gives a deeper insight into the singer’s life in northeast Arkansas:
“These questions are not the typical questions that he was asked in the countless number of interviews he did in his career. That fact makes this such a unique and wonderful addition to the story of my father, Johnny Cash. This book tells the story of a young boy, his home life, his friends and family, his dedication to work, and where all of his hopes and dreams came alive in Dyess, Arkansas.”
She says she was working on the book when she went through the house in April. She says all of those memories seem to come to life when she revisited the house. She says she remembers visiting the Boyhood Home with her father in the 1980s and remembering how the house was almost dilapidated. She says she was beyond pleased when she saw how the house was restored.

She tells what she hopes Johnny Cash fans will learn about her father: “A better understanding of his more playful side and where this all began. I think it is important to see where he grew up, and I think you can see that by reading the book.”

Schwoebel announced the book yesterday at the Cooper Alumni Center at Arkansas State University. The grand opening of the Johnny Cash Boyhood Home takes place tomorrow. Copies of the books will be available on the Second Floor of the Dyess Administration Building during tomorrow’s grand opening. More information is at www.recollectionsbyjrcash.com.