Jackson’s “First Love,” a used 1955 Ford Thunderbird, will be on-display in the Museum’s Curb Conservatory August 27 through September 1. “I bought the car when I was 15 years old,” he says. “I bought it for $3,200. I drove it in high school, and Denise and I dated in it.” From the book “It’s All About Him: FInding The Love Of My Life” Denise writes “Alan inherited some of his Dad’s shy nature, but more of Daddy Gene’s love for cars, his ablity to make things run, his care for others and his diligence. By the time Alan was twelve, he had his first job, working at a shoe store on Saturdays. He saved every dollar he earned, picking up other odd jobs along the way, rolling the coins he earned from this tips a the locally famous Sprayberry’s Barbeque Restaurant. Later he worked as a furniture store delivery boy. And when he was fifteen, he had saved up enough to buy his first car, that showshoe white 1955 Thunderbird convertible. ” Alan sold his beloved 1955 Thunderbird convertible to buy thier first house. Years later Denise would track down that very car and present it to her husband for Christmas.