Dolly Parton admits she’s disappointed that she won’t be returning to the U.S. with a new four-legged friend.  The country legend had planned to adopt a dog found by cleaning crews following the UK’s Glastonbury festival, where Parton performed last month on her European tour.  But the singer tells “country Weekly” she’s learned “the true owners did come forward.”  She explains that there was “a language barrier,” but the dog was returned to them.  Dolly adds that she’d been “looking forward” to bringing the dog back to Tennessee, and even had come up with a name.  Parton says she was going to call it “Glassie,” so she could yell “Glassie, come home” to get the dog to return after going out. 

But Parton says she’s had “an absolutely wonderful tour.”  She’ll bring her trek to a close with an appearance at a festival in Switzerland on Monday.  Dolly has been on the road in support of her latest album, “Blue Smoke.”