Ray Stevens is telling his story, and in the process offering up a history of the music industry in Nashville. The 75-year-old comedic country legend explains that when he left his Georgia hometown more than 50 years ago, Nashville didn’t have a “Music Row” a major league sports team, or even an interstate highway passing through. And over the years he not only witnessed Nashville’s growth, but played a role in its development. But Ray’s longtime business associate Cyrus “Buddy” Kalb, who served as the book’s co-author, says readers expecting “shocking revelations about drug addictions or sordid affairs” will be disappointed.

He explains that it’s just the “documentation an all-American kid from a Georgia mill town” who helped make Nashville a major music center, and helped create “the world-famous ‘Nashville Sound.'” The book “Ray Stevens’ Nashville” will be available from stores and online retailers this Sunday.