Shenandoah’s  drummer, Mike McGuire, says in a website post that the band was starting to cross the Neches River bridge near Beaumont, Texas early Saturday morning when a vehicle “slammed into” a fuel truck just ahead of their tour bus. He explains that the fuel tank “exploded” and the band “drove through a fireball as big as a house,” and their bus almost toppled over swerving to miss the crash. McGuire says once they crossed the bridge they pulled over, and found a police car parked nearby, so they could immediately report the accident. Mike recalls seeing “the vehicles burning on top of the bridge” while they waited for police to take their statement.

McGuire adds that God must have been “watching out” for them, and band members appreciate all the “prayers and well-wishes” they’ve received from fans as well. He says the band and their driver are fine and the damage to their bus is minimal. He says they’ve also learned everyone else involved survived the crash, and those who were injured are expected to recover.