Today we give our highest recommendation to the wonderful new album by Gene Watson entitled “My Heroes Have Always Been Country”.

Gene talked about the album in an interview we had a couple of weeks or so ago. Later that same day, he previewed two or three songs from the album to a sold-out concert crowd in Branson. To say those new songs were well received might be the understatement of the year.

I immediately started looking forward to the album with great anticipation. After all, it’s Gene Watson, right! I was fortunate enough to get to listen to a preview copy of the album a few days ago, and after listening to the product cycle itself at least three times in my car player, I can tell you it’s a great album! I didn’t want to take it out of the car player as you gathered above. I knew it would be good, but, folks, “My Heroes Have Always Been Country”, even exceeds my expectations which were lofty to begin with.

The 11-songs on the album can be described with the same two words that are often uttered with Gene Watson, “real country”. They are not all easy songs to sing, and for that matter, all weren’t huge chart hits. However, they are all memorable in their own way, especially when they are delivered by Gene Watson who makes the lyrics of even the most difficult song to perform seem like a piece of cake. I once told a buddy of mine when we were watching a NBA game, “They make this look so easy, I get to thinking I can do this myself.” But reality sets in when I walk out on a basketball court and try to duplicate what I’ve been watching on television. Gene Watson singing is the same way. He is so much at ease, that when you combine the performance with the God-given talent, it’s pure magic to see and hear.

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