says Vince Gill, Emmylou Harris, and Rodney Crowell are among the stars who contributed to the project, titled “For Once and For All.” It will be just the third studio release credited to the Country Music Hall of Famer. But Harris says that’s no reflection on the impact “Cowboy” Jack had on Country music. She explains that “if you unraveled all the threads Jack wove into the tapestry of what made Country music great over the last 50-plus years, the whole thing would come apart.” “For Once and For All” will arrive in stores on July 15th.

“Cowboy” Jack made a name for himself as a songwriter, producer, and arranger as well as a musician. Over the course of his lengthy and influential career he worked with numerous stars, including Johnny Cash, Charley Pride, and Waylon Jennings. The 82-year-old Clement died last August, four months after learning he’d been tapped for induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.