We read recently an interview Crystal Gayle did with The Laughlin, Nevada Newspaper Entertainment section editor.    Here’s some highlights with a link to the whole story.

Crystal Gayle is the kind of person you could spend an afternoon with sipping sweet tea or a glass of wine, laughing and talking like you’ve known each other for years. She is just that genuine. A rarity at best in an industry filled with people who are not as they seem once they leave the stage.  Crystal Gayle is the real deal. And she’s so much more than the blue-eyed beauty with floor-length hair and a “crystal” clear voice. She has evolved into an artist, who over the years has proven her voice lends itself to more than country music.

The fact that she was the younger sister of country superstar Loretta Lynn had a great influence on her career. But not in the obvious way. By following such a country icon, Gayle knew her path to success had to veer from the one well-worn by her sister. Sure she got introduced into show biz by singing in the background at some of her sisters stage shows, but in order to get to the front of the stage she would have to sing songs with more of a pop styling.

Her career actually took off in 1975 while she was still in school and released her first major hit recording, “I’ll Get Over You.” But it was her fourth album, We Must Believe in Magic, that thrust her onto the American musical conscience in 1977 when it contained the signature smash hit, “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue”. This platinum album was followed by another platinum album, When I Dream, which contained the song “Talking In Your Sleep,” Billboard’s most played country song in 1978.

The awards, the career and the appearances on national TV followed. She continued to record over the intervening years, and continuous to record today. Most recently Gayle recorded a duet with New Jersey country singer, Sherry Lynn on her single “Beautiful Life” from the album of the same name.

What have you been up to lately? Any new projects in the works?

Gayle: I’ve been in the studio working on a couple of projects. One should be finished soon. It doesn’t really have a name yet. Every time I say anything about a name, there’s a change, so I never put a name on it. But I’m enjoying the recording process,

One concept is country songs I grew up singing. I do the older songs that meant something to me. Some may be obscure but they were a part of my life. Like the first song I sang on the Opry (the Gordon Lightfoot penned/Marty Robbins made popular “Ribbon of Darkness”). I performed because Loretta was sick and somehow they let me take her place and sing a song. I was 15 or 16 years old and still in high school. It was a highlight. I’m sure I didn’t say one word because I was so nervous. I always wished somebody had taken a picture. That would have been neat to have a picture of that.

Her sisters…

Gayle: My sister Peggy Sue will be with me (in Laughlin). Loretta is doing good. Sometimes they get too aggressive by booking too many shows for her and she has to cancel, which is hard for her to do. She loves it out there.

A lot of people didn’t know Loretta and I were sisters. I still get people who come up to me in a club, saying “me and this guy have a bet…that you’re not Loretta Lynn’s sister.” I’ll say, “Yes, I am.” And they’ll still say, “No you’re not.”   read more