Loretta Lynn is nursing some minor burns following a fire at her home Tuesday morning.  Hurricane Mills ranch manager Will Rourke tells Nashville’s News 2 the country legend was at home watching TV when a candle burning in the sunroom toppled over, setting a chair on fire.  He says Loretta discovered the blaze when she went to investigate a crackling sound.  Rourke explains that the singer used a pillow to beat down the flames.  She got the fire out but suffered some minor burns on her fingertips in the process.  Lynn is scheduled to perform shows in Texas this Friday and Saturday.  Rourke doesn’t say if the incident will affect her schedule

The fire did not occur in the antebellum mansion Lynn used to call home, which is now open to tourists, but in another house on the property where Loretta currently resides.  It’s also the latest in a number of mishaps that have happened at Hurricane Mills over the past 14 months.  The property was damaged in a severe storm last January.  Last February fire destroyed the concession stand at the Ranch’s motocross track.  In September Lynn cracked two ribs when she stumbled and fell into a dresser.