Suzy tells us “I’m really excited!  I have an extensive tour this year starting with a Northwestern run.  We’ve got some real awesome music to play for you.  If you think of friends you have in the area where I’m playing and let know I’m coming.  I’m adding new dates all the time so if you haven’t seen your city yet, keep checking!

I’m biting off a lot with this tour and press junket. Haven’t done it like this for 20 years! My fortune cookie said “When you think you’re too old to do something, do it!” So here I go! Hope you’ll follow along however you choose, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or just checking in on my website. Happy to have your support.

March 22, 2014 – Black Rock Center for the Arts, Germantown, MD
April 5, 2014 – McCelvey Center, York, SC
July 11, 2014 – The Harvester Performance Center, Rocky Mount, VA