“Night time would find me at Rosa’s Cantina…”  is from the Marty Robbins’ classic, El Paso.   The song, about a love struck cowboy who guns down another in a jealous rage, quickly carried Robbins from talented singer to superstar almost overnight. In 1959, the year of the song’s release, the United States was watching Gunsmoke, the Duke was starring in Rio Bravo and Walt Disney had just given us the El Fego Baca mini-series. Clearly, the Old West was on our collective minds.

Did Rosa’s Cantina exist?  Was there such an outpost in the dusty border city of El Paso and did it have anything to do with the tragic tale Robbins put together?

As it turns out, there is a Rosa’s Cantina, it did have a part in that song and it is so worth your time to go visit this place.  The old rock building sits right off of Doniphan Drive in East El Paso, fronting what used to be the main road between El Paso, TX and Albuquerque, NM — long ago replaced by I-10/I-25.   read more at Huffinton Post