Country music legend and certified flight instructor, Aaron Tippin was able to sign his 16 year old son’s logbook after he took his solo flight. Ted Tippin planned to solo on his 16th birthday December 14th but was held off by the rain so on December 15th despite a few snow flurries and frigid temperatures, he took his solo flight in a 1946 J-3 Cub.

Ted successfully completed a written exam and all of the requirements and exercises in handling aircraft in normal conditions and also what to do in case of engine failure on takeoff, in flight and before landing. He’s the third generation of Tippin pilots. Aaron received his flight instructor rating so that he would be able to sign Ted’s logbook on his solo flight day just as Aaron’s Dad had signed his on Aaron’s 16th birthday solo flight.

“I’ve been waiting on this day for 16 years. On Ted’s second landing, a ray of light burst through the clouds at the end of the runway and I knew that my Dad was there with us watching too. It was an exciting and emotional day, Tippin said.” Ted will be able to get his private pilot’s license next year when he turns 17.