Country music legend Steve Warniner traveled to New York City to speak with students yesterday at New York University’s (NYU) Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music about the art of songwriting.  During the presentation, Wariner spoke about the genesis of ideas for songs, performed a couple of his classic hits, and participated in Q&A with the students who were eager to soak up wisdom from a songwriting master. He was invited to speak by NYU adjunct professor Mike Errico, who met Wariner after a performance in New York City earlier this year.
“I was really honored to be asked to speak with Mike’s students about songwriting, which is one of my favorite things to do,” said Wariner. “The students were so attentive and had such great questions. I think I gained as much insight from them as they hopefully received from me. I had a blast and would love to do it again. The fact that the Institute of Recorded Music is named after my old friend Clive Davis made it even more special.”
While in New York City, Wariner taped an appearance on the nationally-syndicated television series “The Better Show” which aired December 6th 2013.   Wariner performed “Arrows at Airplanes,” a song from his recently released album “It Ain’t All Bad”.   In a recent review of the album, wrote, “…if you are a longtime lover of quality country music and musicianship, consider this an early Christmas gift from Nashville. I doubt there will be another new album released before the holidays that will satisfy true country music lovers as much as “It Ain’t All Bad.”