The country legend had congestive heart failure and suffered a stroke, and things were touch-and-go for a while — he was even placed on life support.

Travis’ rep also tells the news program that the singer is off life support and making progress. The singer, who released ‘Under the Influence: The Man I Am’ earlier this month, is “currently in Texas in physical therapy and doing great!”  As it stands, Travis plans to return to his Texas ranch this Friday (Oct. 11).

Thankfully, Travis has been recovering since. His pal  Billy Ray Cyrus, opens up about the singer’s condition during an interview with ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ revealing that the singer is doing well, but still needs prayers.

What fans need to take away from Cyrus’ comments and the statement from Travis’ rep is that although the singer is improving, prayers are not only welcomed, but are encouraged. The entire country music genre is pulling for Randy Travis.