A Branson celebrity is back on the golf course for the first time in four years.  Ozarks First.com reports Mickey Gilley teed off Thursday morning at Thousand Hills Golf Course. He says it’s the first time he’s swung a golf club since an injury temporarily paralyzed him.  The 77-year-old has been exercising and doing physical therapy to rejuvenate his legs, hands and arms. The Country legend performs regularly at his theatre, though he was bound to a wheelchair for months after the accident.

Thursday morning it took him a couple of mulligans to hit a playable drive, but on the third try he drove it right down the middle.  The singer and performer says what he misses most about golf is the camaraderie. Gilley says he still has trouble moving his left hand. He says golf is one of two goals for his recovery. His other is to play the piano again.

“At 77, I’m actually doing pretty good. I’m very happy with the recovery I’ve made at this point. I’m a competitive person, so it’s the one shot you hit that keeps bringing you back. I’m encouraged by the fact that I am going to play golf again. ” See the video