“Warnier’s Watercolors” By Steve Warnier is opening October 11, 2013 at the Tennesee State Museum to the public, free of charge. His painting’s will be a part of three exhibits centered around a musical theme. “My father and brothers use to draw, doodle and dabble in water colors. I remember trying to draw at a very young age and always loved it,” Wariner said. “My father was also a talented musician and singer, so I was inspired by him all the way around,” says Warnier. The exhibits will feature 21 of Warnier’s favorite paintings. Warnier is a memeber of the Grand Ole Opry and has won four Grammy Awards, four CMA awards, one ACM award and has a star on the “Music City Walk Of Fame.” The exhibit starts October 11 through to December 29. For more information visit www.tnmuseum.org.