George Jones may be laid to rest, but he will certainly never be forgotten. Not by fans, and certainly not by his family, even those that never got the chance to meet him. We talked with the granddaughter of George Jones about a letter George wrote her unborn twins. George Jones lived a life that would have made a great country song in itself. A career that has gone down in country music history. He left us all with his legacy, but he left some of his family members something even more special.

“A lot of people know George Jones the entertainer, not many people know the family man we know,” says Jennifer Stultz.  Stultz is George Jones’ granddaughter, and to her surprise, found out that he left her unborn twins a very special gift.   “Unknown to me he asked Nancy for a legal pad and wrote a letter to my unborn babies,” says Stultz.

Jennifer says Jones knew he wouldn’t make it til their August due date, but didn’t tell anyone. “It’s like having a voice from Heaven,” says Stultz. “You get a letter from Heaven.”