Jim Ed Brown marked  a career milestone this weekend.  The singer  celebrated 50 years as a member of the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday August  10th.  Brown was inducted into the Opry in 1963 along with his sisters, Bonnie and Maxine Brown. Together the Browns enjoyed a strings of hits including ‘The Three Bells,’ ‘I Take the Chance’ and ‘The Old Lamplighter.’

He began recording as a solo artist in 1965, and went on to a solo career that included the smash hit, ‘Pop a Top.’ He partnered with Helen Cornelius for a string of successful duets like ‘I Don’t Want to Have to Marry You,’ and ‘Saying Hello, Saying I Love You, Saying Goodbye’   The 79-year-old singer remains active at the Opry, performing there regularly. He is excited about his golden anniversary.

“Of the many awards and accolades through the years, this is perhaps the greatest honor anyone could’ve given me,” Brown told Examiner.com.  “Thanks to the fans and the music industry  embracing me and to the Opry for allowing me to call it home.”  read more