Country music legend Reba McEntire was in Music City Recently for the unveiling of a new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  McEntire said the exhibit, called “Reba: All the Woman I Am,” featured mementos from all parts of her life.  It’s emotional seeing the video and reading some of the things that are around the room.”

The exhibit features photographs and keepsakes from her childhood, some of the countless awards she has won throughout her career, and plenty of gowns and costumes.   McEntire said she expected most fans would want to see the famous red dress she wore to the 1993 Country Music Association Awards.  “It’s probably the most famous outfit I have,” said McEntire. “It got the most attention. My daddy thought I had it on backwards.”  All of the items on display come from McEntire’s home, where she had carefully organized and preserved them.    Watch video of the press conference  from Channel 5 in Nashville, TN.  read more