Steve Wariner is looking to protect himself and his family while he’s in Texas.  The country star has filed a lawsuit in Harris County, Texas against a woman he claims has been stalking him since 1989.  Wariner explains in his suit that they met under false pretenses, when Shinn brought her healthy son backstage through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, claiming the boy was dying of cancer.  The singer says over the past 20 years Shinn hasn’t let up in her efforts to contact him, and in recent years began harassing him through social media as well.  Wariner adds that earlier this year Shinn notified him by e-mail that she was coming to Nashville, and threatened him and his family if he refused to see her.  She was arrested at the Nashville airport on May 20th, and has since defied a judge’s order to leave Wariner alone.

Wariner’s complaint also alleges that Shinn has notified him she has tickets to some of his upcoming Texas concerts, and she’s insisting that he not only see her at the concerts but that he divorces his wife before the shows.  Wariner is seeking a restraining order barring Shinn from contacting him or coming within 500 yards of his scheduled concert venues.