Country legend Kris Kristofferson is slated to host a segment of the weekly show, in which he’ll reflect on his life as a singer-songwriter and the influence of Texas music and performers, and give his “unique perspective into the challenging journey of artists.”  In addition, Kristofferson will be the focus of a special hour-long episode of the show.  Kris will begin his run on “Troubadour, TX” with the launch of the show’s third season in September.

“Troubadour, TX” offers a showcase of established and aspiring country singers and other artists who “live the dream of a career in music.”  Jack Ingram, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Wade Bowen are some of the performers who’ve been featured on the show.  The show is shown in a few states outside of Texas…Bear Radio is sorry to say North Carolina is not one of them.