Ricky Skaggs one of Bluegrass and Real Country’s most recognized names and Bruce Hornsby one of Pop’s most talented pianists and singer-songwriters are reuniting for the first time since originally collaborating six years ago.  On August 20, 2013 the two music legends will again come together, this time for a live album, titled ‘Cluck O’Hen’.

Bluegrass treasures and lively expanded hits await on this fresh collection of songs from the masterful duo of Skaggs and Hornsby. These live songs were originally recorded when the two music icons hit the tour circuit in support of their first collaborative album.

“We recorded quite a few of the live performances from our tour and came up with a really great CD,” says Skaggs. “It’s a great merging of two different styles. Listening to this live CD just reminded me of how much fun we had touring together. Every show was a gift.”